30 March 2010

This is the latest Jerobee in my collection.
It is New In Box and in great condition!
This Jerobee comes from Toronto, Canada.
The stock number is #201 MK8B less radio.
On the box is says " Not recommended for persons with little or no mechanical ability".

Thank you Bill!

21 March 2010

These pictures shows a New in Box Jerobee Greenwood Corvette.
The Corvette was a mid range kit.
On the box it says " Not recommended for beginners".

The Corvette had a twin intake ports in the cylinder and a large external tank. Wider chromed wheels with foam tires was standard equipment.
The body was made out of Lexan, not the hard Cycolac plastic as the McLaren and the Challenger had.
This was the fastest Jerobee with Cox Babe Bee and pull start, only the Cox Tee Dee version was faster.

12 March 2010

Here we have some useful Jerobee T-shirts and caps that I have had made recently.

The T-shirt brand is American Apparel and the design from their vintage 70´s collection.
The print you see is on the back and there is a smaller one on the front as well.
The classic cap has been embroided.

If you feel that you can not live without one of these, please let me know at TeamGOG@telia.com

These six pages are from the Swedish importer Slotcar and their cataloge "RC Racing" from 1978.

Imagine how the market looked like with six full pages of 1/12 cars and parts!

It is in Swedish, but the last three or four digits are Jerobee original part numbers.
I guess you you can do basic translations on the Internet.
If you need any help, just ask: TeamGOG@telia.com

The Alfa 33 with Tee Dee engine is called the "Super Jerobee".

Please also look at the "Invader" rolling chassie on the last page.

08 March 2010

This is the UK magazine "Model Cars" from March 1972.
The Jerobee is brand new and tested by US author and racer George Siposs. Enjoy!

05 March 2010

This picture shows one of the very late Jerobee/Jomac cars with the Cox Tee Dee .049 engines. Here RTR version with Alfa 33 Sport body.
Do note that the radio transmitter has an updated design, very similar to the Futaba brown box radio.
Full report on this rare car with more pictures to follow.

04 March 2010

Today I had a call from a sportscar friend and I knew that he had been involved i RC for a long time. But when we started talking I did mention my first car, the Jerobee, and to my surprise, his first car was also a Jerobee!!
In the afternoon he came by our house and surpriced me with his old cars!
This car was later converted to electric as can be seen in the photo.
Look at the handpainted flames from the mid 70´s!

02 March 2010

This picture is also from the Toledo show 1972.

Could this be a "Jerobee copy" from Wen Mac?
Any leads are appreciated!
Please email me at: TeamGOG@telia.com

This picture is from the introduction of the Jerobee at the US Toledo show 1972.

Swedish RC car pioneer Rolf Stahre was attending the fair together with US RC car pioneer Roy Moody.

Rolf was visiting Roy to see and learn more about RC car racing.
I take it Roy was a great teacher, Rolf won the Swedish champs later that year!

This was a promotion picture that was given to Rolf by a Jerobee sales rep.
Rolf later tested the Jerobee for a Swedish magazine and the review was good.