27 February 2010

Promotion picture from the pit.
This looks like a 1/8 scale car to me.
Notice some of the 70´s clothing!

It really looks like the RC car have everybodys attention!

Here is a picture of the fullsize McLaren M8B that Jerobee sponsored.
Great looking car, if you ask me.
Notice that the rear wing is located almost right over the rear axle.

25 February 2010

When I did run my old Jerobee, way back in the 70´s, I remember that it always ran a bit warm/hot when the needle was near the limit.

I have now added a little cooling fan as seen in this picture.
It is the type and size as they use on modern speed controllers for electric RC cars.
It runs on 5v and the cooling is fantastic!

When I disconnected the fan in a middle of a run, the engine sounded overheated after about 30 sec, I stopped and connected the fan and it went back to normal again.
Here we have a few pictures of the Jerobee car that I have built out of parts bought on Ebay and others. I use a modern radio system. The car has been ran for about 30 minutes and no problems so far, no engine stops.

I think that the body is an original Jerobee BMW M1.

The radio gear is just taped down for initial tests and to find the balance of the car. I started with the battery on the left hand side, but the car became out of tweak with that layout.

I handles fairly well considering it´s age, with a slight understeer.

24 February 2010

Some of the Jerobee 1/12 bodies available at the time.

The Schkee was very popular on the 1/12 scale electric race cars in the early 1980´s.

Anyone out there having a Jerobee Formula 1 body?

23 February 2010

This is the cover of Popular Mechanics, December 1971.

McLaren M8 and Porsche 917k was the sportscars to have at this time. I do not see any Jerobee cars, looks to be only 1/8 scale cars.

I take it that this was just before the Jerobee cars was released.

17 February 2010

This is how the version without the radio looked when sold back in the days.

If you have an interest in the old Jerobee cars, please drop me a line so we hopefully can get a network together.

Please email me at: TeamGOG@telia.com

14 February 2010

This is an engine close up of the very rare, original Jerobee with Cox TD engine. This was the Top of the line model.

Do note the special and very large engine mount and no pull starter, this engine was started by an external electric starter.
I would imagine that the large engine mount took care of all earlier heat issues.

I have found one of these rare birds, so more information will follow.

12 February 2010

This Jerobee was the test car for the Swedish magazine "Allt om Hobby" way back in 1973.

The author Rolf Stahre did use NiCd batteries mounted on a homemade pod. I have been told by Rolf that normal batteries from the time did not last long.

The Jerobee car got good reviews in this test.

11 February 2010

Another great picture from the early days!

Driver Tony Adamowicz in the McLaren M8 holding the Jerobee.

I am sure that this kind of marketing really improved sales, maybe someone out there knows more about this?

10 February 2010

This is some of the Jerobee spares I have collected.
If you are short of some spares, drop me a line and I will see if I can help you out. Trades are always of interest.

If someone out there has a Jerobee spare parts list, please let me know.

I am also looking for information about the Jerobee option parts, that was offered at the time.

This is another example from the marketing of the Jerobee cars.
Here we have chance to win a Jerobee car!
Notice the lenght of the reciever antenna!
The transmitter was only 100mW, in order to be license free, this is probarbly one of the reasons for the length.
Jerobee played hard with the sponsored McLaren deal.

09 February 2010

Way cool II - Another neat trick in the marketing of the then new RC car Jerobee!

The full size McLaren M8 ran i the Can Am series, very big at the time, all over the world.

08 February 2010

Way cool - Here is a picture of a Jerobee 1/12 car in front of the full size McLaren M8 that Jerobee sponsored at the time!

07 February 2010

Yesterday I did run my newly built Jerobee car!

Last time I drove a Jerobee was way back in 1974, just before it was traded in for an Associated RC-1.

The car worked fine and I drove for 4-5 minutes in the large workshop for full size cars, since it is winter and a lot of snow outside! It was easy to adjust the needle, idle was fine, the engine kept running until I shut it off. I was running 40% nitro with 14% Klotz Super Techniplate. It is a mixture of Castor and Synthetic, maybe this is the key to the clean running?
In the old days, it was all Castor.

Lot´s of memories came to me, starting, sound, the special smell and so on, it was just great.

Here we have a picture of the Jerobee that ran great.

06 February 2010

These two Jerobee cars belong to the Swedish RC car museum.
The guy who runs the museum have collected a lot of cars and parts during the years.

04 February 2010

This is a test of the brand new Jerobee from the Swedish hobby magazine "Allt om Hobby" in the summer issue 1972.
The author, Rolf Stahre had just been to the US and met some RC people like Roy Moody.
The Jerobee was totaly new and made a good impression.
If you need a bigger size, just send me an email.

This is the RTR version with the radio.
No brake on this car.

03 February 2010

This is a real cool picture from the Jerobee factory assembly line!
Notice that they all have similar working clothes.
Makes you wonder how many they produced in total....

02 February 2010

This is an advert from 1973
It is in Swedish and from the company Minicars.
In one of the pictures you could see the two different bodies available at this time, McLaren M8 and the Porsche/Bandero.

01 February 2010

Here we have picture from the time!
Photo of my car taken 1973.
Notice original Cox fuel can and single stick radio from Futaba/Robbe.

Here is a picture of the Cox engine installed in the Jerobee car.
It is based on the Baby Bee and has a pull starter.
Since the intake is a Reed valve there is no traditionell carburator.
It therefore have an exhaust throttle to control speed.
The first cars had no brake, but later it had a time typical brake that worked against the clutch bell housing.
It later become a common option for the earlier cars.

Jerobee - Vintage RC car

Jerobee was first releasted in the early 1970´s.

Before that only very few RC car brands excisted and they were all 1:8 scale track cars. Jerobee was made in 1:12 scale and the engine was the Cox 0.8cc (.049).
My first RC car was a Jerobee and the year was 1973.

In the first picture you can see the car that I have built out of parts lately.

One of the ideas with this blog is to find other fans of the Jerobee car, so we can help each other with technical hints, parts, spare part lists and others.
If you have any information about cars and others, please drop me a line at TeamGOG@telia.com

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