07 February 2010

Yesterday I did run my newly built Jerobee car!

Last time I drove a Jerobee was way back in 1974, just before it was traded in for an Associated RC-1.

The car worked fine and I drove for 4-5 minutes in the large workshop for full size cars, since it is winter and a lot of snow outside! It was easy to adjust the needle, idle was fine, the engine kept running until I shut it off. I was running 40% nitro with 14% Klotz Super Techniplate. It is a mixture of Castor and Synthetic, maybe this is the key to the clean running?
In the old days, it was all Castor.

Lot´s of memories came to me, starting, sound, the special smell and so on, it was just great.

Here we have a picture of the Jerobee that ran great.