21 November 2014

I have got several Contacts with followers of the Jerobee blog, here is one from Andrew.

If you have any pics and stories around Jerobee cars, please drop me an email.

Hi Jorgen,

I've just finished restoring my first rc car I received in 1979/1980.  I was 7 years at that time.   It is an electric  Jerobee car .  I found the box in the attic of my parents.  The box still contained  the plastic body, the chassis with  the wheels, the old mechanical speed controlleR and the electric Parma motor .   It's a Jerobee chassis (made in USA).  On the box, is written "Group 12".  The electric motor is Parma but it's dead.   On the body is writte KROLL.


As I can notice, you are interested in Jerobee cars, here are some pictures of mine after the resto work.

Kind regards,